Rodney Swansborough from Upstairs Art has entered one of  his firescape art work series,  ’Searing Synergy’  into the Banool Conservation Art Prize 2010 to be held in Scone.  The Banool Conservation Art Prize is part of the annual Scone Art Prize.

The Banool Conservation Art prize is sponsored by Banool Angus park,  Parkvile, just north of Scone in the Upper Hunter of New South Wales. The prize was established in 1998 to encourage community awareness and concern for the natural environment.

Banool Angus Parl prize manager says:

‘ The Banool Conservation Art Prize is our way of helping the community to focus on the ever-diminishing natural heritage of Australia.  Once,  the nation regarded the natural environment as a magic pudding – no matter how much was taken it would always replenish itself.  We now know that nature is itself  under great pressure and unless we act to care for it,  the lifestyle we enjoy will be lost to the future generations.’

The Scone Art prize which incorporates the Banool Conservation Art Prize will be held at the Scone Arts & Craft Centre, Kingdon Street, Scone from Saturday 11th September till Sunday 19th September 2010.
The  Exibition Opening will be Friday 10th September 2010 - 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Admission $15.00.

 The Banool Conservation Art Prize is awarded to the painting/photograph that best celebrates Australia’s unique natural heritage. The works of art submitted may feature aspects of Australian native fauna, flora, geography and natural assests that exemplify a concern for the preservation of our wonderful environment.

Rodney’s Banool entry  ’Searing Synergy’   is full of vibrancy, movement and energy.  It reflects his unambiguous and unapologetic use of the power of colour to portray in an unadulterated way the apocalyptic energy of  fire.  

Rodney Swansborough has been working on a series of art works focusing on firescapes where he is depicting the confrontational nature of the ravishes of fire as well as the searing beauty of its presence.

One Comment to “Rodney enters Banool Conservation Art Prize 2010 at Scone Art prize.”

  1. Burning fire at forest is looking like real, fabulous work done.

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