Rodney Swansborough’s style has been described as ‘fauvistic’, which he totally accepts. Fauvism is characterised by paintings that used intensely vivid, non-naturalistic and exuberant colours. Rodney says, “Colour is all that matters. Colour is everything.  The painting is the colourful world. The  exuberant canvas is the universe. Everything should be saturated with colour.”

Rodney Swansborough's art work reflects the fauvist style of early 20th century France. The powerful and spontaneous 'in the moment' exuberant use of colour, contrasted with light and dark, results in a rich tapestry of passionate exotic vibrancy.

In contrast to Rodney Swansborough’s well known ‘chiaroscuro portraits’, his fauvistic styled portraits are saturated with colour, the same emotive exuberance is also found in his firescape scene ‘Searing Synergy’.  Fauvism used colour to express emotion as well as to capture the exuberance and passion of exoticism. In his current works, Rodney is using his spontaneity with colour to bring the “ living moment”  into his art. The visual experience is always “now”. Truly existential!

“You have to feel the colour in your creativity. Colour is not objective, it is subjective. It is about emotions, moods, feelings. It is dynamic, evocative, provocative.  Life is colour. Art is colour.”

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